The Digital Transformation of Supplier Collaboration

It is clear that retailers must operate smarter as they plan for 2024, as recent economic events force the merchandising team to seek new ways to improve performance and margins. Greater investment will be needed in the technology platforms that underpin supplier negotiation to improve trade funds, reduce collection costs and drive better promotional ROI. 

In our whitepaper we explain how the drive towards digital transformation is ushering in a new dawn of algorithmic retailing - the use of AI to drive automation and deliver real-time insights that will free up staff time to focus on tasks that deliver improvement and innovation. This allows a greater focus on cementing the crucial relationships with suppliers that will unlock competitive advantage and help to deliver sustainable growth in a volatile market.  

Read the whitepaper to better understand:
Improved merchandising practices – Consider how complex practices can be streamlined
The transformational opportunity – Learn how positive change can transform the retail enterprise
Barriers to improvement – Avoid reliance on siloed operations and legacy practices 
Better retailer/supplier collaboration – Discover the power of promoting one version of the truth
Intelligent merchandising – The value of real-time operationally collaborative merchandising

With a heavy reliance on legacy infrastructure, manual processes and siloed approaches, many retailers find that the trade promotions established with suppliers are often unprofitable. However, by utilising technology, retailers and suppliers can unlock a far greater capacity for success in this most challenging of times. Intelligent merchandising improves market responsiveness, allowing better execution of plans with tangible results. 

“Algorithmic retail, powered by AI, enables much of the pressure on staff and management to be alleviated, while providing them with the tools to continuously improve the organisation’s capacity for strategic agility.”

 This whitepaper will enable you to gain a better understanding of the steps that should be taken to ensure retail success against a backdrop of market uncertainty. 

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